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Recently featured on PeopleWhoMakeThings was our very own Mr. Mann and Woman of Many Hats - Gina Duci. See the full post to see his photoshoot and excerpts from his conversation with photographer Matthew Schmidt


Eric Mann - director/cinematographer/filmmaker

1/2 - director/cinematographer/filmmaker- Eric Mann

"You gotta have the beginners mind. When you’re first learning something you don’t judge yourself. You just learn. That’s when beginners luck happens. Then you start thinking, and that’s when the judging and self-doubt creeps in." - Eric Mann

2/2 -director/cinematographer/filmmaker- Eric Mann

"I see a lot of people getting excited about new camera equipment. Technology is so accessible now, which is great. But it has to be about the story. We’re storytellers and I think we hold a responsibility being that, because people subconsciously make decisions after being exposed to a story." - Eric Mann

Gina Duci - actor/dancer/singer

1/2 -actor/dancer/singer- Gina Duci

"I didn’t have the easiest time with girls when I was younger. In fourth grade my class came to see me in the musical I was doing. The next day in school I went to sit with my 3 best girlfriends in class, and all three put up these dry erase boards and started whispering behind them and wouldn’t talk to me. It was hurtful. These were my friends. I realized that because I was in the show the day before that these girls felt threatened or jealous. It’s bullying. I thought they came to be supportive. I wish I could say that stuff like that stops when you get older, but it doesn't. You just grow a thicker skin." - Gina Duci

2/2 -actor/dancer/singer- Gina Duci

"My dad is a carpenter and for a Christmas gift he build me a dance studio in our basement. I was always down there. The neighborhood kids would come over and I'd teach them routines. It's crazy to think that 12 years later I'm basically doing the same thing, and can call this my living." - Gina Duci