The Health of the Planet and Our Consciousness

If you’ve been keeping up with Climate Countdown, you may begin to notice that in order to not only solve climate change, but put climate solutions and actions into practice this must be done at all levels.  And I mean all levels - top-down to bottom-up.  This is a multi-level fully-integrative problem.  


Since this is true, we have to keep going deeper to the root of all of this.  What comprises systems, organizations, states, nations, companies (and all levels within those systems)?  The individual.  It is within the individual’s power where all choices and actions arise.  And if we are to go to an even deeper level, one might say that these actions and choices arise from presence or consciousness, or a lack thereof.  If we are to look at this fully integrative problem of climate change, it is only natural that we must also look at the state of our consciousness as an entire planet.  


If the power of a single choice can indeed have an impact, we each have an incredible responsibility in the actions we take.  This includes all of us at all levels of the socio-economic scale.  If you make the small decision to buy an energy efficient light bulb, you are contributing to the power of capitalism by putting your money where your mouth is, and ultimately contributing to a path toward a cleaner future.  And perhaps, in addition to the purchasing power you also recognize that this is a more sustainable product than it’s predecessor.  Even if your awareness does not nudge in the slightest, someone out there had the awareness to create a more efficient light source, which contributes to the overall well-being of us humans (whether intentional or not).  


If you are the head of a major organization or company, you too have an incredible responsibility.  I should hope that no one is inherently evil - I would say there are vast levels of unconsciousness which could be mistaken with a label of “evil" - but, I suppose that many people and heads of companies are trying to make a living and create a better quality of life for themselves.  Perhaps, some people cut corners because it may seemingly “better” their company.  However, it is in this act of cutting a corner where the problem lies.  These acts are acts that in fact create riffs and go against the harmony that nature provides.  This is the ego coming into play.  Wanting more, and taking more than is needed.  These tiny tiny acts all add up to a big big problem.  What do they call it? - the butterfly effect.  


What I am getting at is that we can inherently see what the overall choices that we as individuals and societies make by looking directly at the planet Earth.  It is indeed a mirror for us and the small choices we make.  When our air has more and more CO2, this is directly related to choices that people make and have made at any level.  It seems to me that as we heal our planet we also heal our ego, or is it as we heal our ego we also heal our planet?  Either way our level of consciousness as an individual, society, and world will play a role in this matter.  


We always have a choice.