Inspiration is the Responsibility to Create

I read recently on the back of my Trilogy Kombucha bottle, “Inspiration is the responsibility to create.”  Not only do I have inspiration to create the visions that I see in my head, but now I have the inspiration to write about them.  


As a filmmaker, I often get to be a fly on the wall for some many various lines-of-passions.  There is such joy in capturing just the little slice of their lives and putting it to film for the world to see.  This communication, this crossing of passions, is the incredible gift I get to partake in and building bridges between the multitudes of perspectives.  It truly is a powerful gift that I have stumbled upon.


Every person has their own little slice (I could say bubble, but that doesn’t allow for the possibility of seeing outside that bubble - and we can).  This hurtle is a self-made hurtle, but that is why there is incredible power in filmmaking.  If we are to capture the truest essence of the person in their unique “slice,” then that common heart-centered passion transcends just what they are doing on the page.  Watching and conversely filming the magnitude of genres out there, you see what lies at the root of all passions…love.  


This is the common thread that binds us.  This is why film is so powerful, not because it can be seen by the world, but that because it is seen by the world, the edit and the filming must always have a conscious choice to bring forward that passion and love to extend the boundaries of our little bubble.  We begin to see that we are, at the root, all the same.  


If we film because we are focusing on the success of the video or of our pocket books, we begin to make unconscious choices, which leads to more miscommunication for the world to see.  If we just bring in the light of consciousness, we can provide a gift that we can share with the world.  This very act of sharing, is an act of love.  This permeates the video or film and it is my hope that this feeling transcends to the watcher.  Even if it is subtle and almost unrecognizable.  It is the difference between art that puts a fire in the watcher, to get them up off their ass, and entertainment that creates an addictive effect to keep playing the next episode.  Not to say that their aren’t episodics that do this, in fact Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon is such a freakin good example of this.  You watch it and you are inspired to be the best that you can be.  Every time I watch it, I want to be a warrior in real life that much more.  And not every television show has to talk about spiritual things.  It is more about bringing the most conscious choice to every choice to bring out the truest essence of the story you are telling.  This clarity can’t help but transcend to the viewer creating and resonating with something more powerful inside each of us…this is bigger than anything we could possibly imagine.


This is the essence of storytelling.  And we have a choice at every moment.