Film is an incredibly versatile medium and can have a profound effect on the human experience.  There are virtually no limitations.  Anything you imagine, anything you dream of can come to life with film.   Because this medium is so incredibly powerful, the stories we tell and the means in which we tell them is unbelievably important.  What is the saying..."with great power, comes great responsibility."  Well, this is exactly what Unreel Films is about.  

      Hello, my name is Eric Mann and I founded Unreel Films, LLC back in 2013.  The joy of creating work that not only inspires me and my team, but also can help transcend the watcher to a place where they themselves feel inspired to create, and explore the very essence of their truest self, is the lifeblood of this company.  It's about integrity, it's about getting to the heart, it's about passion, free play, creativity, beauty, and fun.  All the work that is put into film comes out in the wash for the viewer and their experience.  When we let go of the ego, we are free to play from a place that is much deeper than thinking, much deeper than the ups and downs of our emotions - there is a divinity in our creative spirit, and when you trust that, all the boundaries fall away.  Film acts as a conduit to express this very spirit.  

      It's about telling the best stories we can tell, and coming out for the better through the experience. Thank you for visiting this website and being a part of the Unreel family.  


                                                                                   - Eric Mann, Unreel Films

 "By tolerance he means that you need to be open to unconventional ideas and unconventional people. Talent—it doesn’t just achieve results, it attracts other gifted people and helps create an environment that people want to be in. And all these talents have to form a team."

- David Lagercrantz -